2014 Bassmasters Tournament Schedule

Back in 1967 a guy by the name of Ray Scott had the idea fishing against each other in a Bass Tournament while watching while watching a basketball game in Mississippi. In 1970 a very familiar name in the bass fishing industry Roland Martin Fishes his first bass tournament and goes on to have an impressive career as a professional bass fisherman. Today all over the United States there are tournaments to find out who is the best Bass Fisherman and will win the Bassmasters Classic. Here are the results and upcoming 2014 Bassmasters Tournament Schedule: Read more »

Spawning Bass Fishing Behavior

In the Spring bass fishing can be pretty predictable but its wise to have a few strategies up your sleeve to land bass during the spawn. There is nothing that will change the bass spawning behavior by catching them when they are in the spawning stages. Here are some tips and strategies for catching bass during the spawn and how their behavior is affected by it. Read more »

River Bass Fishing tips

Bass fishing in rivers and streams is pretty different than going after them in a lake. In a lake the different species of bass will separate themselves out in different areas according to their different preference on what they like. Read more »

How to catch Bass in Farm Ponds

Whether it be a farm pond or a small lake these can be one of the best areas to catch largemouth bass in. Especially if there are some deep areas in the lake so the bass can live year round and cover for them to hide ambushing their prey with. Believe it or not in the sport of bass fishing in the last 20 years all the state record bass have come from bodies of water that were less than 50 acres in size. Some growing as large as 9 to 14 pounds. These bass fishing tips will help you dominate Farm ponds. Read more »

How to catch Bass with Cold Fronts

When a cold front is coming it has effect on how bass act and is important to know what they will do so you can fish these bass effectively. Bass are very sensitive to sharp changes in their environment and they like things to be stable and consistent. Read more »

largemouth bass fishing tips

There are many largemouth bass fishing tips when it comes to lure selection. All lures are intended to perform a specific function and in most cases their success or failure is primarily due to the way the angler uses them. The fisherman who knows his lure variety to the habits of the bass is the one who is the most consistently productive in catching largemouth bass. Read more »

Bass Fishing Tips for Man Made Lakes

This site www.mybassfishingpro.com loaded with free bass fishing tips to make you a better bass angler no matter where you fish. Bass fishing is a sport that is challenging and their are loads of information on the topic. Check back to this site frequently for new bass fishing tips. Read more »

Early Spring Bass Fishing Tips

Early Spring can be a very exciting time of the year to land some very large bass. We put together this article that has some very good early Spring Bass Fishing Tips that you can put into effect immediately.

Read more »

Fishing Trips with Children

Family Fishing Trips: The trick to getting the kids hooked

A fishing trip or holiday is a great way to share your interest and passion with your children and engage them into having a similar interest as you at an early age. It is a great way to bond and share a rewarding experience that they will take into adulthood. As with anything you introduce children to there has to be three key features: the experience should be rewarding, reinforcing and most importantly successful. If the child walks away from the adventure feeling as though they haven’t achieved they are unlikely to view the experience as a positive one. To get children excited about fishing they must first catch a fish! Read more »

Bass Fishing Post Spawn Tips

When Bass Fishing post spawn female smallmouths and largemouths move over to deeper water and show almost no interest in feeding. The males do provide a fishing opportunity because of their commitment to defending the eggs and fry. Smallies are very vigilant, staying over the nest for as long as a weekend also guarding the area for up to ten days after the eggs hatch. Largemouths will also take a position over or near the nest. In either case you can often see the males holding ready to protect the eggs and newly hatched bass from panfish. Read more »

How to read Lake Map When Bass Fishing

Hello my bass fishing enthusiast! It is crucial to know how to read Lake map when bass fishing a new area. Once you have the maps of course you need to know how to read them and what to look for. This will help you locate the bass quickly and put you on the bass your looking for. Read more »

Bass fishing with Graphite Rods

Bass fishing with graphite rods are in general the best way to go! They are made of a light weight material but have a strong backbone. Many anglers debate between the graphite and fiberglass but the best lean towards graphite fishing rods. Read more »

Backtrolling for Largemouth bass

There is a method of backtrolling for largemouth bass using that has proven to be very effective with fishing for bass. It allows you to locate bass in open water very quickly so you can zero in once you find the bass with other methods. With backtrolling you can actually control the depth of your lure which is a big factor that is difficult to do when just casting and reeling in. This method can catch very large bass and the action can be very exciting when this is done right. Read more »

How to catch Bass with Live Bait

Bass fishing is symbolized with using artificial lures to catch bass whether it be in a tournament or a farm pond, but you can never get better than good old fashion live bait. It has many advantages since it looks, acts, smells and taste like what the bass are eating daily. When bass are in a neutral state try some live baits to save the day. Read more »

How to catch Bass with Metal Spoons

In Bass fishing metal spoons are among the oldest artificial lures around. They come in two different types: Weedless and jigging~ Weedless spoons avg 2 to 5 inches in length and the most popular weights are one-quarter, three-eights, and one half ounce. Weedless spoons work real well in shallow water less than 6 feet deep and have a weed guard that goes from the line tie back to within a quarter inch of the hook point. Read more »

How to catch Bass with Soft Plastic Worms

There has been a study done by biologist on bass fishing tips and the the power of soft plastics when catching bass in a large area. It has been said that they are actually so effective because they are silent. They don’t have the rattles vibrations and other features that the so called hard lures have. Read more »

Bass Fishing Kentucky Lake

Kentucky Lake has continued been advised a fisherman’s paradise. It is a lake with an amazing design and can challenge some of the best anglers out there. Big largemouth bass are in Kentucky lake and this particular lake is loaded with endless angling opportunities. With 180 miles and 51000 acres of prime fishing water its just a matter of finding the bass. Read more »

How to catch Bass with Jigs

A lure that can be fished anytime throughout the year is a jig. You can fish them in shallow water over the tops of vegetation that has been submerged and even through ice. Jigs can be fished at all different depths including 40 feet or more down and at a variety of speeds from slow to fast. The jig is known as being one of the most versatile lures for all different species of bass. Read more »

Bass Fishing with Spinnerbaits

Bass Fishing with spinnerbaits is one of the best lures for covering water and catching bass that is out there. Bass anglers have been using spinnerbaits for years to locate and catch bass in tournaments and for fun. You can fish spinnerbaits through the surface, mid range and pump it up and down across the bottom. While retrieving this lure it can be extremely slow to moderately fast through open water all year long. Read more »

How to catch Bass with Crankbaits

A crankbait are designed for catching all kinds of bass and represent a panfish or baitfish trying to get away triggering all kinds of strikes. These are plugs that are made from hollow plastic, cedar and balsa along with foam. Many of the crankbaits that are out there are designed to either float when they rest or dive down to specific depths when being retrieved. Read more »

Fan Casting for bass fishing

When you are out there fishing for bass a technique that some of the best bass fisherman in the world is one called Fan Casting. With this method basically you are hitting the shoreline point, a mid lake reef or some type of bend in then channel. Read more »

Winter Bass fishing tips

As the air begins to cool and Winter sets in bass fishing tends to slow down. There are still some good opportunities for catching some nice bass with the change of seasons. Bass fishing in the Winter can be fun and exciting when using the right methods. Read more »

Summer Bass Fishing Tips

Summer bass fishing can be one of the toughest time to fish along with the most exciting times depending on how you fish for them. There are many things to keep in mind when fishing for largemouth bass during the Summer months and a particular mindset you want to adopt. Read more »

Fall Bass Fishing Tips

Fall bass fishing can be some of the most exciting times to be out on the water when its fished right. As the air begins to cool off and the winter approaches bass will start in the shallows and move to deeper water. Read more »

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