How to catch Bass with Cold Fronts

When a cold front is coming it has effect on how bass act and is important to know what they will do so you can fish these bass effectively. Bass are very sensitive to sharp changes in their environment and they like things to be stable and consistent.

The number one thing that will shut down bass activity and result in a bad fishing outing is a cold front which is a line in the weather map that shows a mass of cool air is coming into the region. Sometimes the difference in the air can be as much as 25% change in the temperature.

Before a cold front hits an area there is usually a nice upsurge in bass feeding activity and this is the time you want to be out on the water. What this cold front usually means its colliding with warm air which produces rain and bass will anticipate this and eat more before they seek deeper cover becoming reserve.

Now there are many anglers that think cold air with a cold front is what is going to hinder the bass activity but actually it can take weeks for the cold air to change the water temperature. What effects the bass behavior is going to be the trailing edge of the cold front which usually provides clear and bright skies. When storm clouds begin to cover the sky bass will become more active but after the front passes the clear skies with the light penetration cause them to go into deep cover and become inactive.

For example say that its Friday night and you are going to fish all day Saturday some miles west from your home. You hear that a cold front is moving in your direction and should hit sometime in the night. You would be a fool to stick with your plans because you will be fishing post cold front conditions which are the words. Now if you can find a lake east of your home this would be a smarter strategy that would lead to catching more fish.

If you are in a position where you don’t have much flexibility with the time period or location that you are fishing (for example vacation). Try to switch it up to another bass species like smallmouth or spotted bass. These usually prefer deeper water than largemouth bass and are not affected as much with cold fronts.

If you are fishing mid-lake and the water is clear when a cold front hits you look for the section of the lake where there is sure to be colored water like the head water section. This particular part of the lake is not affected so much by the bright light that will usually shock fish when the lagging edge of the cold front hits.

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