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Early Spring Smallmouth Bass Fishing

Locating early spring smallmouth can be somewhat of a challenging task. However, once you learn and understand a little bit about their migration patterns you can greatly increase your odds of locating smallmouth bass in early spring. If you are thinking about doing some early spring smallmouth bass fishing, check the water temperature, and consider these facts. Read more »

Bass Fishing Tricks – You Can’t Go Wrong With a Worm

Bass fishing, or should I say catching, can often times be a humbling experience. There are really no magic bass fishing tricks that you can use that are guaranteed to put bass in the boat or on the stringer every single time you go fishing. Bass just simply are not active and willing to bite any lure or bait that is put in front of them all the time. When the fishing is slow, as it is much of the time, you can’t go wrong with a worm. Read more »

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